Erick Vasquez was born in El Salvador and now lives in Penticton, BC with his family. He moved to the Okanagan as a teenager and truly enjoys the Okanagan lifestyle. Erick’s passion for drawing started at an early age, and now as an adult, he is proud to have opened his own private tattoo studio where he is able to transform his art into tattoos. For Erick, tattooing brings him joy, to be able to collaborate with a client to create a design that they love. He places the utmost importance on consideration for his clients' safety and happiness, taking the time to understand who they are and what they are looking for. Erick’s artistic focus is black and grey, fine line, and detailed realism.  He is always open-minded to ideas and honest about his capabilities. His goal at Familia Tattoos is to help each client understand the process and to feel at ease during their tattoo. He believes that getting a tattoo is an experience that lasts forever and one that should be remembered.

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